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As a busy homeowner the last thing you need is the stress of dealing with underfloor leaks.

Our expert team in Armagh uses cutting-edge technology to quickly and accurately locate hidden leaks without any DIY hassle.

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Why Choose our Underfloor Leak Detection Service in Armagh?

A collection of specialist leak detection tools.

Hiring PCLA for Professional Underfloor Leak Detection in Armagh

Are you a busy property owner in Armagh with no time for DIY and concerned about hidden leaks under your floors? Protect your property with our expert Underfloor Leak Detection Service.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your home is free from hidden leaks that can cause costly damage and health risks. Our advanced technology allows us to locate leaks quickly and accurately without tearing up your floors, making it perfect for property owners with busy lives.

Stay worry-free with our professional and non-invasive service. Our skilled technicians handle everything, from detection to detailed reports, so you can focus on what matters most. Save time, money, and avoid the stress of dealing with potential water damage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Schedule your leak inspection today and ensure your property remains safe, dry, and healthy.

People in Armagh also ask these questions about our underfloor leak detection service:

Our underfloor leak detection service uses advanced technology to accurately locate hidden leaks within the flooring. These non-invasive methods allow our experienced engineers to identify the source of the leak without causing damage to the property.

Thermal Imaging Cameras
Thermal imaging cameras are a key tool used by our leak detection experts. These cameras detect differences in surface temperature, which can indicate the presence of a leak. By identifying areas with unusual temperature variations, our experts can pinpoint the location of the leak with minimal disruption to the property.

Acoustic Listening Devices
Acoustic listening devices are another non-invasive method used to detect leaks. These devices amplify the sound of water escaping from pipes, allowing our team to locate the source of the leak by listening for changes in sound patterns. This method is effective for detecting leaks through various surfaces, including floors and walls.

Tracer Gas and Gas Sensors
Tracer gas is a harmless, non-toxic gas that is introduced into an underfloor heating system. Our leak detection specialists then use gas sensors to monitor where the gas escapes, which helps them accurately locate the leak. This method is particularly effective for detecting leaks in complex piping systems.

Moisture Meters
Moisture meters are used to measure the moisture levels in different areas of the floor. Elevated moisture levels can indicate the presence of a leak. By systematically checking moisture levels across the floor, we can narrow down the location of the leak.

Multi-Step Leak Investigation Process
For more complex cases, our leak detection specialists will follow a detailed, multi-step investigation process to ensure accurate results. This process typically includes:

  • Reviewing old plans and interviewing personnel to gather background information.
  • Conducting on-site consultations and visual inspections.
  • Using a combination of thermal imaging, acoustic listening devices, tracer gas, and moisture meters to gather data.
  • Marking the location and depth of water lines and conducting surveys using various methods.
  • Providing a final consultation to explain the results and recommend repair options.

Expertise and Experience
The expertise and experience of our leak detection team plays a crucial role in accurately pinpointing leaks. We use our knowledge and the latest technology to detect and locate hidden plumbing leaks on underfloor heating systems, central heating systems, water mains, and hot and cold plumbing feed pipes.

Recognising the following signs early can help you address the issue promptly and prevent further damage:

Damp or Musty Odours
A persistent damp or musty smell in your home can be a sign of a water leak. This odour is often caused by mould and mildew growth due to excess moisture from the leak.

Visible Water Damage
Look for visible signs of water damage on your floors, such as staining, warping, or bubbling of floor coverings. These signs indicate that water is seeping through and affecting the materials.

Decreased Water Pressure
A noticeable drop in water pressure throughout your home can be a sign of a leak. This happens because the water is escaping through the leak instead of flowing through your pipes as intended.

Hot Spots on Floors
If the leak is from a hot water pipe, you might feel warm spots on the surface of your floor coverings. This can be detected by simply feeling the floor for unusual warmth.

Cracks in Concrete Floors
For homes with concrete floors, cracks in walls or plumbing fixtures can indicate a water leak. The pressure from the escaping water can cause the concrete to crack and shift.

Mould and Mildew Growth
The presence of mould and mildew, especially in areas that should be dry, is a strong indicator of a water leak. Mould thrives in moist environments, so its growth suggests that there is a source of water feeding it.

Sound of Running Water
Hearing the sound of running water when all taps are turned off can indicate a hidden leak. This sound might be faint but can often be heard in quiet moments.

Uneven or Creaking Floors
Uneven or creaking floors can result from water damage. As the floorboards absorb water and dry unevenly, they can warp and create creaking sounds when walked on.

Persistent Puddles
Finding persistent puddles of water on your floor, especially if they do not dry up or appear during dry weather, can be a sign of a leak. These puddles indicate that water is continuously seeping up from below.

Ignoring underfloor leaks can lead to a myriad of problems, including water damage, mould growth, and structural issues. These issues can significantly reduce the value of your property and create unsafe living conditions.

By investing in an underfloor leak detection service, you are taking a proactive step towards preserving the longevity of your property and ensuring the safety of your family. Don’t wait for a small leak to turn into a major problem – trust PCLA to detect and resolve underfloor leaks efficiently.

Yes! In Northern Ireland, most standard home insurance policies, including buildings and contents insurance, generally cover damage caused by water leaks, often referred to as “escape of water” in policy documents. This typically includes leaks from water tanks, pipes, central heating systems, and appliances. However, the specifics can vary depending on the insurer and the policy.

Trace and Access
One critical aspect of coverage for underfloor leaks is “trace and access.” This refers to the cost of locating the source of the leak and accessing it for repairs. Not all policies include trace and access as standard, so it’s important to check your policy details. For example, Aviva offers up to £5,000 for trace and access, which counts towards the cost of reinstatement, such as repairing a floor following an underfloor leak.

Making a Claim
If you ask PCLA to manage your claim for you, our Loss Assessors will conduct a property damage survey. This will fully document the full extent of the water damage. We will also deal with the insurance company and liaise with their loss adjuster.

We will also negotiate the settlement offer. Remember, it’s our job to get you everything you’re entitled to. 100% of the insurance money goes directly to you.

At PCLA, we don’t just say “we make insurance claims easy”, we mean it!

Our experienced engineers are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable underfloor leak detection services. We find most leaks within a few hours.

However, the time it takes to detect underfloor leaks can vary depending on the complexity of the issue, but our team works diligently to identify leaks promptly and accurately, helping to prevent further damage to your property.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Underfloor Leak Detection Service in Armagh

  1. Save Time and Stress
    As a busy homeowner juggling work, family, and everyday life, you don’t have time to hunt for leaks. Our professional team handles everything, so you can focus on what matters most.
  2. Avoid Costly Repairs
    Ignoring an underfloor leak can lead to extensive damage and expensive repairs. Our early detection services help you catch leaks before they escalate, saving you money and headaches in the long run.
  3. Non-Invasive Technology
    Worried about your beautiful floors? Our advanced, non-invasive technology ensures that we find leaks with minimal disruption to your home, preserving both its beauty and your peace of mind.
  4. Expert Diagnosis
    No DIY skills? No problem. Our experienced technicians provide accurate, professional assessments and detailed reports, so you know exactly what’s going on and what steps to take next.
  5. Family Safety First
    Hidden leaks can pose serious risks to your family’s health, from mould to structural damage. Our thorough and efficient leak detection service keeps your home safe, dry, and healthy for your loved ones.
  6. Trusted Local Professionals
    With clients in Armagh and beyond, we understand the needs of local families. Our reputation for reliability and excellence means you can trust us to take care of your home as if it were our own.

Don’t let hidden leaks disrupt your life. Choose our Underfloor Leak Detection Service and enjoy a safer, stress-free home.

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