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Fire Damage Insurance Claim Omagh

Have you suffered fire damage in Omagh?

Do you need help making a property damage insurance claim?

Speak to an experienced loss assessor in Omagh today for free impartial claims advice.

We promise to get you the best possible settlement under the terms of your policy. 

Get help with your fire insurance claim in Omagh

Have you suffered a fire in your home?

Making an insurance claim following a house fire is stressful and emotionally taxing. Don’t add to your stress by trying to manage a complex insurance claim alone.

Free yourself from the burden of insurance paperwork and find the peace of mind that comes with a trusted expert in fire damage insurance claims.

Ask PCLA Omagh to take the stress out of your fire damage insurance claim.

How to make a household fire damage insurance claim in Omagh

Making a fire damage insurance claim can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! Our loss assessors in Omagh are here to help you.

We’ll take your burden away, so all you need to do is give us a call. We’ll explain the claims process to you and arrange a free survey at your earliest convenience.

Remember, since we understand the claims process inside out, we know exactly what paperwork the insurance companies are looking for and how best to provide it.

That means no stressing or struggling on your part – our fire damage claims experts drive the process forward without fail.

So don’t hesitate; get in touch with us now and let us help you secure the fire damage settlement you’re entitled to.

Can you claim insurance for smoke damage?

Smoke damage can be tricky to evaluate. But when it comes to insurance claims, it’s important to get independent advice. That’s where PCLA Omagh comes in. We’ll help assess whether the items can be restored.

Our team of experts are highly skilled at diagnosing any smoke damage in the home, such as linen and fabric coverings. These items may not have been subjected to direct fire, yet still could be determined as unusable due to smoke damage. To ensure all damages and losses are accurately identified, we strongly advise you to obtain an independent survey without delay.

Make sure your claim isn’t going up in smoke – call PCLA Omagh now for fast and expert advice.

How our claims process works

When you engage PCLA Omagh, we work to ensure that your claim is dealt with fairly and in your best interest.

Arrange your FREE survey now.


The process of settling an insurance claim for damaged property can be complicated and frustrating. You can appoint a loss assessor to represent you (the policy holder). Loss Assessors speak to the insurance company on your behalf and will manage your insurance claim. A Loss Assessor uses their expertise and specialist knowledge to get you the best possible settlement figure.

Making an insurance claim is not always straightforward. A Loss Assessor will know what you can claim for and how to make sure you get your full entitlement. PCLA will provide advice and support to ensure you are fully aware of the claims process. It is our job to remove the stress and inconvenience of making a household insurance claim. We are Building surveyors and Certified insurance practitioners who will assess the damage to your property and draw up a schedule of loss. We work on your behalf, so that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. With PCLA working for you, we will ensure you get a fair settlement.

When you make a claim under your household insurance policy, the insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster. PCLA Omagh will act as your loss assessor and negotiate your claim on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to deal with the insurance company or their loss adjuster. As an independent company with over 20 years experience, we know how to make sure our clients get their full entitlement. Remember, we work for you.

At PCLA we believe in being upfront about our costs. Our initial survey is free. Even if our survey finds that it’s not actually a claim, there’s still no charge to you. If you appoint PCLA to manage your claim, we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Once your claim is settled our professional fee of 10% plus VAT will be included in your settlement cheque.

We aim to meet clients on the next available working day. However, we try to accommodate client needs as best as we can. Call us today on 028 8280 0120 to arrange a time that suits you.

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