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Loss Assessors will provide you with expert advice and support.

Flood Damage Home Insurance Claims

Last year tens of millions of pounds were spent in the UK reinstating flood damage losses. Did you know that the average domestic flood claim is around £31,000? It is imperative that you have a qualified professional such as Property Claims Loss Assessors (PCLA) acting on your behalf should your property be affected by flooding and you need to make a claim. We can help you get the full compensation you are entitled to.

My home got flooded, can I claim under my house insurance?

A flood damaged houseWhen your home is flooded, you need to report flood damage to your home insurance company. However, the easiest way to claim for flood damage is to use PCLA to act on your behalf. If you’ve been affected by flooding, contact PCLA today.

When should I call the insurance company after I have a flood incident?

You should contact PCLA as soon as possible and before you contact your insurance company. As professional loss assessors, it is our job to make sure your claim is submitted properly and as fast as possible. However, If you have already contacted your insurer, PCLA can still be appointed at any stage of the claim.

How do you deal with an insurance company after a flood incident?

PCLA take the stress out of dealing with insurance companies. It’s our job to liaise with the insurance company on your behalf. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your claim. You can contact us at any time to discuss your case.

PCLA will notify the insurer of your loss and arrange to meet with their appointed Loss Adjuster. As qualified Building Surveyors, PCLA have the skill and expertise to assess any damage that has been sustained to your property.

We compile fully costed schedules of the damage which form the basis of the claim which we use in the negotiation with your insurer. There is nothing for you to do and PCLA take away all the stress of
dealing with your insurer.

Get Support From PCLA

The main source of flooding in the UK is from flash floods and rivers bursting their banks. However it can also be caused by blocked drains during heavy rains.

No matter what the source of the flood, the water can quickly become contaminated with sewage. Potentially, when the water subsides you will be left with a biohazard. This means that any porous materials, such as timber or plasterwork in your house will hold onto bacteria and will need to be removed. If this is not remedied correctly by a professional company, it is harmful to your health.

At PCLA, we have managed many flood claims and are trained to spot potential problems which may not be visible to the untrained eye. Call us out today to inspect your flood damaged property.

PCLA take the stress out of flood damage insurance claims.

Should you use a Loss Assessor?

Making an insurance claim can be very time consuming and often frustrating. We’re here to help. As experienced loss assessors we work on your behalf to manage the entire claim process, so you don’t have to, and to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

What our client's say

Ciaran Connolly
Ciaran Connolly
PCLA provided support and advice throughout the claim process which made it as stress free as possible. I would highly recommend them 👌
Kenny Cahoon
Kenny Cahoon
Can't thank Greg enough for his work and service. When our problem was reported Greg was straight out the following day. He gave us peace of mind and that the process was in safe hands. Highly recommended! Il be sure to pass him onto others! He didn't disappoint.
Shauneen Cosgrove
Shauneen Cosgrove
Jordan couldn't have been more helpful and kept me up to date with the progress during all stages of my claim. Great outcome also, would definitely recommend using them.
raymond o hagan
raymond o hagan
I think you can't go wrong with Declan and the team at property claims loss assessors. They looked after me and my claim very quickly and efficiently and with a great result I would highly recommend people to have a look at them before proceeding with any claim you think you may have
Kevin Flannigan
Kevin Flannigan
I highly recommend using this company. They took all the stress out of our home insurance claim achieving a very satisfactory result. Prompt and efficient...great at communicating we could relax knowing that Property Claims Loss Assessors were representing our interests.
con heron
con heron
Absolute pleasure to work with, was dealing with Jordan and everything was sorted smoothly with no hassle. Couldn't recommended enough
Great service from Greg and PCLA. Took away all the hassle and delivered a positive outcome.
Colin Havern
Colin Havern
Fantastic service, everything was made very clear and all the hastle taken out of a difficult situation by Declan. Highly recommended.
Stephen Darragh
Stephen Darragh
Greg & his team weee professional and communication was great. The entire process was painless with a great result at the end. Totally recommended. A+

FAQs and common questions

The process of settling an insurance claim for damaged property can be complicated and frustrating. You can appoint a loss assessor to represent you (the policy holder). Loss Assessors speak to the insurance company on your behalf and will manage your insurance claim. A Loss Assessor uses their expertise and specialist knowledge to get you the best possible settlement figure.

Making an insurance claim is not always straightforward. A Loss Assessor will know what you can claim for and how to make sure you get your full entitlement. PCLA will provide advice and support to ensure you are fully aware of the claims process. It is our job to remove the stress and inconvenience of making a household insurance claim. We are Building surveyors and Certified insurance practitioners who will assess the damage to your property and draw up a schedule of loss. We work on your behalf, so that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. With PCLA working for you, we will ensure you get a fair settlement.

When you make a claim under your household insurance policy, the insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster. PCLA will act as your loss assessor and negotiate your claim on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to deal with the insurance company or their loss adjuster. As an independent company with over 20 years experience, we know how to make sure our clients get their full entitlement. Remember, we work for you.

At PCLA we believe in being upfront about our costs. Our initial survey is free. Even if our survey finds that it’s not actually a claim, there’s still no charge to you. If you appoint PCLA to manage your claim, we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Once your claim is settled our professional fee of 10% plus VAT will be included in your settlement cheque.

We aim to meet clients on the next available working day. However, we try to accommodate client needs as best as we can. Call us today on 028 9521 2991 to arrange a time that suits you.

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