Property Damage Tips

The following are some property damage tips & advice that may come in useful to you in the future.


  • Install at least one smoke alarm in your property.
  • Do not overload electrical sockets.
  • Keep all electrical cables away from cooker hobs and other heat sources.
  • Never refuel or move a gas or oil heater while it is switched on.

Water & Flood Damage

  • Contacting your broker or loss assessor is essential for assessing the full extent of damage.
  • Insure all water tanks and pipes are properly lagged.
  • Under-floor water damage can often be more extensive than it may appear.
  • Most damage occurs while people are away. Turn off your water supply if your property will be left vacant for a long period of time.

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Physical Risks

  • Avoid main power lines and turn off electricity supply.
  • People prone or vulnerable to infections  should avoid the contaminated areas until clean-up has been completed.

Structural Problems

  • Soft furnishings, fabric, food and  cosmetics will all be damaged by effluent from water. These will need to be professionally cleaned or replaced no matter what condition they appear to be in.
  • Regularly check roofs for any loose tiles or slates to prevent any future damage from happening.

Insurance advice

  • It’s important to disclose any major changes to your property.
  • Extensions
  • Ongoing renovations
  • Roof restorations
  • New business on your premises
  • Unoccupied premises
  • Always review your insurance annually.

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Types of Claims

We offer help and advice for all instances of Commercial or Domestic Property Damage. Learn more about the different types of insurance claims that PCLA can help you with by clicking the links below.