Have you suffered fire damage and need to make a claim?

Claiming for fire damage can be difficult.

PCLA specialise in fire damage claims.
We are expert loss assessors, who provide impartial claims advice.
If you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire and aren’t sure what to do, call PCLA today.

A fire damaged kitchen. PCLA acted as loss assessors .

Get Support From PCLA

A house fire is always devastating. While money and time can repair the damage, PCLA understands the emotional stress that comes with any fire. As professional loss assessors, we can help ease the burden of your insurance claim.

The financial implications of a fire can be large. Fire insurance claims cost the UK insurance industry more than £2 billion a year. PCLA will work on your behalf to make sure your claim is processed as quickly as possible. PCLA will ensure you get the full amount that you are entitled to under your insurance policy. 

PCLA take the stress out of fire insurance claims.

One of the most devastating events that can happen to a family is when their home has been damaged by fire. Getting your life back to normal can be complicated and time consuming so the stress and hassle of dealing with an Insurance company is the last thing you need.

  • What happens if you have a fire at your property?
  • Does your home insurance cover fire damage?
  • How do you claim for fire damage and what is the procedure if you make a claim?
  • What can you claim for?
  • How can you ensure you get everything you are entitled to?

As experienced loss assessors, PCLA can answer these questions for you. 

When should I call the insurance company after a house fire?

You should contact PCLA as soon as possible and before you contact your insurance company. As professional loss assessors, it is our job to make sure your claim is submitted properly and as fast as possible. However, If you have already contacted your insurer, PCLA can still be appointed at any stage of the claim.

How do you deal with an insurance company after a house fire?

PCLA take the stress out of dealing with insurance companies. It’s our job to liaise with the insurance company on your behalf. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your claim. You can contact us at any time to discuss your case.

PCLA will notify the insurer of your loss and arrange to meet with their appointed Loss Adjuster. As qualified Building Surveyors, PCLA have the skill and expertise to assess any damage that has been sustained to your property.

We compile fully costed schedules of the damage which form the basis of the claim which we use in the negotiation with your insurer. There is nothing for you to do and PCLA take away all the stress of dealing with your insurer.

How do I make a household fire insurance claim?

The easiest way to make a fire insurance claim is to get PCLA to do it for you. Our team manages the claims process on your behalf, so you don’t have to. PCLA will check your insurance policy documents to confirm if you are covered for loss or damage to property or contents caused by fire, smoke or an explosion.

If you appoint PCLA as soon as possible, we can start building your case and answering your questions. We know this is a difficult time and we are here to help you through it.

How do fire insurance claims work?

A fire damaged house that PCLA won compensation for a client.The first thing you need to do is appoint PCLA to act on your behalf. PCLA will notify your insurance company to start your claim. Our team of professional loss assessors will handle the entire claims process for you.

What happens after a house fire?

After you appoint PCLA they contact the insurance company. You should also report the fire to the owners of any neighbouring property that may have been damaged.

You should ensure your property is safe and secure to prevent any additional loss or damage.

Depending on the scale of the fire, you may need to check the structural integrity of the property. You will also need to have the property checked by an electrician.

PCLA can help with all of this.

Does your insurance policy cover you for fire damage?

Most policies come with fire protection. This helps cover the high cost of replacement, repair, or reconstruction of property. Your home contents insurance policy should also cover fire damage.

Check your insurance policy to learn more about what you are covered for or speak to PCLA for some free impartial advice.

How do I make sure I get what my policy entitles me to?

Contact PCLA as soon as possible. We will assess the damage to your property, cost the works required and negotiate with your insurer. That’s why, with PCLA acting on your behalf, we can ensure you get everything you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

Should you use a Loss Assessor?

Making an insurance claim can be very time consuming and often frustrating. We’re here to help. As experienced loss assessors we work on your behalf to manage the entire claim process, so you don’t have to, and to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

What our client's say

Gail Mccandless
Gail Mccandless
Had a substantial leak in my house and a friend recommended Jordan. Jordan was great and handled everything from start to finish with my insurance company. Would definitely recommend.
Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy
Jordan was really supportive and professional throughout the process, very knowledgeable, and always available to answer any queries we had, and he got us a great settlement
Many thanks Greg for all your help and advice with my recent insurance claim it certainly made the process less stressful
kieran mcilvenna
kieran mcilvenna
Very efficient & quick service
Carla Shortt
Carla Shortt
I was recommended PCLA recently to handle my claim after I had a leak in my bathroom. After contacting them with the details Declan completely handled everything from start to finish. Within 3 weeks of making contact my claim was settled and funds in my account. Cannot recommend enough.
Raymond Hogan
Raymond Hogan
Declan provided a fast, efficient and professional response to my initial enquiry regarding making an insurance claim. He handled all subsequent dealings with my insurance company and any additional outside bodies. I would have no reservation in recommending him and his organisation to anyone.
Cj McCullaugh
Cj McCullaugh
Excellent professional service from Declan. My bathroom had a leak which caused a lot of damage, Declan called out to talk us through the process, he handled everything with the insurance company from start to finish. Declan was always reachable via telephone and kept me updated thought out the process, I was very happy with the final settlement. I would recommended!
Gerard McGrady
Gerard McGrady
Great experience with Gregg and Declan. Attended my problem and put words into actions immediately. Even stayed on top of me to provide information to speed up the whole process. Great outcome!
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews
These guys were recommended to us by a friend. They looked after everything from start to finish. They were 100% professional during the entire process. Thank you.

Why are fire insurance claims rejected?

It is important to read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to understand what is and is not covered. You will need to meet certain conditions to remain insured.

Examples which may prohibit your insurance claim include:

  • empty properties;
  • lack of fire alarms;
  • building work;
  • if you smoke; and
  • accidental damage;

How long does it take to settle a fire insurance claim?

Settling fire insurance claims can be complex and time consuming. Depending on the scale of the damage and the disruption to the policyholder, a claim could take many months. It’s not easy, but that’s where PCLA comes in. We remove the burden of making an insurance claim which allows you to focus on yourself.

Tips to prevent fires

  • Test your smoke alarms regularly
  • Have all heating sources checked annually by a qualified professional
  • Keep your stove and oven clean and free of any debris such as food or dish cloths
  • Don’t leave your kitchen when Cooking
  • Always check your dryer. Lint build up in your dryer can lead to combustion from heat produced whilst drying
  • Maintain all cords and discard any that are freyed or damaged
  • Properly store flammable products
  • Practice caution with candles
  • Be careful with your fireplace. Never leave it unattended when lit and let all ashes cool down before disposing
  • Keep fire extinguishers around.

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